Don’t Try to Out Train a Poor Diet, Fix It.

“It’s almost impossible to out train a poor diet.” This is a great quote that I once heard during a presentation on fat loss. The only reason they used the word “almost” is because there is a very small part of the population that can eat like crap and do enough to burn it off. For the vast majority of us though that’s not the case. It’s easier than we think to wipe out an entire 2 hour workout in one meal. If your goals include losing weight or toning up you must acknowledge and accept that what you eat, how much you eat and when you eat can have a huge effect on your fitness results. The first step to addressing this issue might not be to jump right into a diet. Instead take a second to see what exactly needs to be fixed. For one week try writing down everything that you eat and drink, the times that you eat and where you eat (be it home or at a restaurant). Doing this will do two things. First, writing down what you eat makes you more mindful and conscious of what you’re eating. You can also start to identify trends that may affect your fitness results. Eating out too often or eating a lot late at night are too good examples. Not drinking enough water is another. Look to so see where the problems are first then attack them. Try this for one week and then ask yourself “what can I change or do better”. And be honest with yourself, the truth shows up in your results. Good Luck! 

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Florida native and NYC based Personal Trainer Kelvin Gary looks to help motivate, inspire and inform those looking to better their lives through fitness and healthy living.

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