Turn up the Intensity….Learn to Use a Kettlebell

If you want to burn more calories in less time, build more muscular endurance and simply get stronger, learn to use a Kettlebell.  Kettlebells are one of my favorite tools in the gym.  A basic move like a simple swing helps develop strength throughout the hip complex, challenges core strength and stability and gets your heart rate going.  More complex moves like the “Turkish get up” challenge strength and stability throughout the entire body.  Kettlebells can be used in seamless multi-directional training routines like the squat/multi-directional lunge complex in this video.  That’s why I think they’re awesome tools for sport and functional training. 

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting some kettlebell circuits for endurance athletes that I’m using to prepare for my first duathlon (run/bike/run) in March, so stay tuned.  Until then get to a gym to find a good kettlebell coach and add them to your fitness program!

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Florida native and NYC based Personal Trainer Kelvin Gary looks to help motivate, inspire and inform those looking to better their lives through fitness and healthy living.

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