Build Your Better Body On a Budget!

At my gym, I’m known for carrying around a black bag that contains a number of different workout tools. Some of my co-workers jokingly call it “Kelvin’s Bag-o-Tricks,” a name that I’ve affectionately adopted. It comes in handy during prime time training sessions in the gym when there’s usually a wait for equipment.

I created the “Bag-O-Tricks” during my early days as a personal trainer. Back then I would train my friends in central park in NYC before and after work (when I still had an office job). I said to myself, “How can I create a workout that would use minimal tools but have maximum impact?” I love working out, but I wasn’t about to schlep a bag of medicine balls and dumbbells all over New York City. With that my collection of tools was born.

So what’s in this bag you ask? Six easy tools (you can click on the photos below to read more about each of these tools):

1 – Set of 4 Mini Bands (Light, Medium, Heavy and Extra Heavy Resistances)

2 – All Purpose Exercise Bands (1 -Medium, 1- Heavy Resistance)


2 – Super bands (1/2 inch and 1 inch)

1 – Jungle Gym XT (Show above for bodyweight exercise)

Right now you’re probably saying, “Great Kelvin, now what does that mean for me?” Over the next few posts I’m going to show you some cheap tools that you can use anywhere to ramp up your workouts. No longer will you be able to use, “I don’t have time to go to the gym” or “it’s too expensive” as an excuse. The most expensive tool in my bag is $89 bucks (it’s literally its own gym) and the cheapest is a set of $2.50 bands that, when used correctly, will have your legs and arms looking and feeling toned in no time.

With these simple tools, I can give anyone one hell of a total body workout, anytime, anywhere. Over the next few posts I’ll should you how you can put these cheap tools to work for yourself. So put those excuses away and let’s get ready to work!

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Florida native and NYC based Personal Trainer Kelvin Gary looks to help motivate, inspire and inform those looking to better their lives through fitness and healthy living.

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