Eat More Meat to Burn Fat?

Now I know you’re thinking, “Really” but just hear me out. The argument that lean protein (more specifically lean animal protein) helps facilitate fat loss is a pretty compelling one. This is laid out nicely in the book, “The Paleo Diet” by Loren Cordain, Ph.D.. In the book, Dr. Cordain makes the claim that lean protein can help promote weight loss in the following ways:

A) Protein Helps Burn More Calories – We know that all calories are not created equal. Of the calories that we take in and burn, a large portion is burned in the normal operation of our body (the heart pumping, lungs working, etc). Another portion is burned during our daily activities. Still a smaller yet significant portion of the calories that we burn can be attributed to what’s called the “Thermic Effect” of food. This is the energy that it takes to ingest, digest and metabolize the food that you eat. It’s also known as DIT or “Dietary-Induced Thermogenisis”. Proteins are known to have a much larger DIT compared to carbohydrates and fats. “This means that protein boosts your metabolism and causes you to loss weight more rapidly than the same caloric amounts of fat or carbohydrate,” Dr. Cordain concludes.

B) Protein Satisfies Your appetite – Research has shown that lean animal protein satisfies hunger more than fats and carbohydrates alone and helps reduce hunger between meals. “It’s also very hard to over eat lean proteins”, Dr. Cordain says.

C) Protein Improves Your Insulin Sensitivity – Insulin is a hormone that serves several functions in the body. Among them, an elevated level of insulin in the bloodstream prompts the body to store fat. Research has shown that lean protein help the body metabolize insulin where as high carbohydrate/high GI diets (that may spike blood sugar levels) increase insulin production.

Now I’m not a dietitian or nutritional counselor so I can’t prescribe specific nutritional advice. But I am a scientist (engineers count as scientist) and a certified fitness professional and love when there’s research and solid data to back up an argument. As a personal trainer, my job is to do the research and provide my clients with my take on the nutritional information that’s available. My take on this book and this plan is that it’s work your time to give it a look.

Good Luck!

*All of the information in bullet points above can be found in the book, “The Paleo-Diet”

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