The One Machine In the Gym You Must Use

Today’s post has been a long time coming but the inspiration for it came a few weeks ago. I received an email from a PR person asking us to fill out a questionnaire for a well known women’s fitness magazine. The questionnaire asked which machines in the gym we found, as trainers, to be valuable. One of the questions asked, “what machine would you encourage our readers to avoid?” My answer, “All most all of them… well at least 75% of them.” I’ve long been a proponent of getting up and moving around. Given the opportunity, I would take 75% of the machines in our gym and put them out on Broadway with a big “for sale” sign on them.


There are,however, a few machines that I use on regular basis. The same questionnaire asked the question,“If you could recommend one machine in the gym to our readers, what wouldit be and why?” My answer, “The Free Motion cable machine, because you can work every body part, without sitting down and you can move in different directions while you’re doing it.” Most of my clients know this and have gotten to experience the free motion madness first hand. Below are 4 quick clips of a few of my favorite total body exercises to do the with Free Motion cable machine. Feel free to throw them into your workout, I’m sure they’ll make a difference:

Squat & Row:

Plain and simple, start with your arms extended. Squat and pull the cable back when you come up out of your squat.

Rotational Cross-Body Row:

Start facing away from the machine. Pivot your left leg and with your left hand reach across to grab the cable on the opposite side. Rotate and pull the cable across as you rotate. I also added a variation where you throw in a squat at the end, just in case you need to make it more difficult.

Single Leg Reach with Bicep Curl:

Start by balancing on one foot. Let the cable pull you forward and bend your knee. Squeeze you glutes as you stand up and do a bicep curl at the same time. Remember, whichever foot is on the floor you’ll be bicep curling with the opposite hand.

Tall Anti-Rotational Press:

This one used the concept of torque, you basically are using your obliques to keep the cable from turning you. Relax you shoulders and extend your arms to make sure that your obliques turn on.

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