Quick Mini Band Exercises to Throw Into Your Workouts on The Go

Some time ago I posted a blog entitled “Build Your Better Body On a Budget” where I shared with you some of the low cost tools that I use myself and with my clients. These mini-bands are great to use if you travel for work or if you’re on vacation. (I know you’re thinking, “No one works out on vacation,” but in case you do, and there’s no gym you can give these a try.)

The video clip below shows me doing several exercises that target the lower body, upper body and core:

1) Lateral walking
2) Forward and backwards monster walks
3) Standing hip flexion/abduction/extension and
4) 90 degree open up squats.

I also threw in some pushup variations and a plank with reach for abs and shoulders. These are only a few a the exercises that you can do with mini bands.

Get your hands some mini bands and see how they can help change up your workouts.They range from $2-$3 each at PerformBetter.com

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