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To all of my followers… I know it’s been along time since I’ve blogged and for that I’m #sorrynotsorry :-) Things have been busy but great and now I’m back so all is well.

I’m checking in today to share one of the tools that I’m using with our clients at Body Space Fitness, NYC which I feel will make a big difference in helping them hit their goals. For the majority of our clients their primary goal is, as you might have guessed, FAT LOSS. We know that when fat loss is the goal proper nutrition is number one on the list of most important things. However, we also know that the intensity of the workout, especially when doing a Metabolic Resistance Training workout, is also important. The intensity of the workout not only impacts how many calories you burn during the workout, but it also impacts the calories you burn after the workout (a little something known as E.P.O.C or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or “the after burn effect”).

Polar beat 1


Enter the Polar H7 Bluetooh strap. After picking up one of these puppies for myself and playing around with it, I thought, “this is great. I would put the strap on and move freely around the gym doing my workout and it would record the whole thing without missing a beat.” Then I thought to myself, “how can I use this to help our clients?” The answer was simple, I could use this tool to monitor rest intervals in between circuits and exercises. In each of our client programs we have a prescribed rest interval depending on their phase of progress. I often think to myself, “this might be a little too much rest”. To put it another way, one person may need 60 seconds of rest while another person would need only 30 seconds of rest.

So what I’ve started doing is having my training clients wear an H7 Monitor and track their training workout using the “Polar Beat” App on their smart phone. We’ve transitioned from using timed rest intervals to rest intervals during sessions based on percentage of max heart rate (i.e, rest until you drop to 70% of max). What I have found is that clients, on average, are at least burning 25% more calories during the workout. I’m not quite sure of the post workout impact but I’m sure it’s a good news story.

Polar Beat 2

Bottom line, if you’re looking for a good, simple tool to help you amp up your workouts, I highly recommend checking out the Polar H7 Bluetooth strap and pair it up with the Polar Beat App on your smart phone or tablet.  The monitor retails for about $79.95.

Train Hard, Train Smart, Train Right.

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