I’m Back!


It's been a minute since i wrote my last blog post. It was actually 2017 to be exact. In any case I'm back baby!

The purpose of my blog new blog is the same as before. I want to share my thoughts on coaching, exercise and training, nutrition and recovery.  As a new addition however, I'm adding my 15 years of experience in the coaching business and my 9 years of experience owning a gym in one of the most competitive markets in the world. Business, mindset and motivation are now on the agenda of topics.

I use my platform to give my professional opinion, which I try to keep based on the facts and my actual experiences. I may not always agree with everyone but I don't attack people for having an opinion different from mine.

So sit back and enjoy. In the beginning, my cadence will be bi-weekly with post coming out on Monday and Thursday but who knows there could be more in store!